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Eating in season – Seasonal Regional

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Eating in season – Seasonal Regional

Photographing food gives you a great insight into the quality of the food, and there is nothing fresher, or better tasting, than something in-season. During my work for the Sustainable Table, specifically photographing their most recent book Seasonal Regional, I was able to personally meet a lot of the growers and producers in Victoria.

This gave me an invaluable insight into the challenges they face, yet also the rewards of growing / making your own product with the best possible environmental practices. During this job I must have put on quite a few kilos as I ate my way around Victoria. The great thing was I didn’t have to cook much myself as most producers sent me on my way with a little something, and wow, was it good!

Keeping this in mind, and also looking at how I have been slowly changing the way I eat has made me appreciate what is out there – real food, with no added ingredients. I compare what I get at the market in Melbourne to what you can find at a supermarket and I scratch my head at what sells more. Shopping at the market allows me to build a connection to the people there and chat to them about what is in season at the time. Recently, this has given me the opportunity to try new season apples that I probably would skip over. Luckily, I did, as it has shown me a flavour spectrum that I never knew existed in apples, from almost apple pie tasting to exceptionally tart and crisp. I’ve made it a little goal to follow the taste of these apples over the next few weeks to see how the taste changes, and I must admit, it’s very noticeable. What does that say about what we eat?

Next time you pick up a fruit or vegetable, think about what time of year it is. It’s so beneficial in so many ways – looks better, tastes better and it’s even cheaper as there is a general abundance at that time. It’s when you get the opportunity to actually taste the fruit as it should be.

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