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long exposure of Rye Pier and the surronding water at sunrise with a LEE Big Stopper filter.

Effects in camera – time worthy?

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Camera effects – time worthy?

Taking the time to create in-camera effects, as you shoot, really slows down the process – but in a really good way.

There are so many plug-ins, filters and things that you can do in Photoshop that sometimes it seems that you should just run out, grab a shot and then fix it all later on the computer. Whilst this is an option, it can seem that a lot of the art of photography is going, whilst the new art of digital illustration jumps ahead in leaps and bounds.

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with a new filter I got – The lee Big Stopper. It’s a filter that you put in front of the lens that cuts out 10 stops of light, allowing you to create movement in the image through long exposure times at any point of the day. Add this to my tilt-shift lens and suddenly there’s a whole new world of fun to play around with; a whole lot of fun. However, when people see me set all this up I invariably get asked the question – “Isn’t it easier to do this on a computer? Why bother buying the equipment for it?”. While this is a completely valid question, it is one I don’t really understand. Perhaps it’s because I learnt how to print photographs in a darkroom, and used to process my own films, perhaps it’s because I quite enjoy slowing down the process of capturing an image.

I spent the other night waiting for the moonrise and was treated to an electrical storm over a group of apartments. Waiting for the shot to come into play (it eventually didn’t due to cloud cover, but I did get other shots) was like fishing, but a little more suited to me. I had the chance to experiment with the above mentioned lens and filter, all without a care in the world. I recommend that you (and myself) slow down a little and think about that shot next time, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

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