Food & wine holidays

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Mushroom bruschetta and beer, stout and ale, at the Iron House Brewery in Tasmania

Food & wine holidays – Matt Burke Photography

I enjoy getting out of the city. Let me rephrase that – I absolutely love getting out of the city, whether it be down the coast, into the bush, or up a mountain. Waking up in a tent in a remote location always starts the day in one of the best possible manners. Getting a good hike in, with the chance to photograph things along the way, is a way to top that.

However, the food isn’t always great. Carrying all your camera and camping gear means that something has to be sacrificed. Even when we are in the car, the food we can make is limited to the tiny gas stove we have, and the base ingredients that won’t spoil. This is where food (and wine) holidays come into it. I’ve found that over the last few years we travel to places with decent food options around. I wholly endorse buying locally and supporting the small person, and thus travelling in regions which are known for food is such a treat.

We had the opportunity to spend a few weeks travelling around Tasmania, and we were not disappointed with either the hiking or the food. In fact, you can even buy a gastronomy guide to Tasmania and look up what’s in the area you happen to be in. Doing this, we were able to find so many places that we would never have know existed otherwise. Another option, and this is something we do often, is keep an eye out for any produce signs and take that not so commonly used road. It’s generally worth the trip, if not food-wise, there generally tends to be something photography-wise that I would have never found.

Researching the area and knowing when to visit, based on harvest times, is also a great way to learn about what is there. Is there anything fresher or better tasting then the produce you buy from the place it was grown, in the season it was supposed to be grown in? Researching this info beforehand gives you a greater chance of sourcing what you want and also a greater understanding of what is available in the area. Is there any better way to have a food & wine holiday?

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