Visiting a medicinal herb farm in Twisp, WA

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Natural medicical herbs and flowers growing in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains in Twisp, WA

medicinal herb farm photography

We had the good fortune of visiting a medicinal herb farm outside of Twisp, WA during a recent trip to the USA , accompanied by the lovely and super knowledgeable Rosalee de la Forȇt, a well-known clinical online herbalist.

Not only was this a wonderful chance to see so many of the herbs and plants I know by name, but I was also explained the uses of each plant; If only I had had a dictaphone. It was such a peaceful setting within the valley and the colour from the plants really made an impression on me. I really enjoy photographing plants (though the summer midday sun can be challenging) for a variety of reasons.

1. They are so beautiful, no matter what they are. Each plant has it’s own character.

2. The detail that you can choose to focus on.

3. You can create a landscape with them.

It was really such a beautiful setting – at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, and to see all of these wildflowers in one spot was an incredible experience. That said, Rosalee had shown us a lot of these growing naturally in the mountains, but I guess that knowing that people were growing them for medicinal use was really sort of special. If you get the chance I highly recommend visiting this beautiful area of the world, and if not you can still contact Rosalee if you are interested in finding a wonderful herbalist: I can personally guarantee her services. Have a look through and if you know any of the medicinal herbs please let me know as I’m too ashamed to tell Rosalee that I have forgotten them…all.


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